Verité Ethical Recruitment Auditor Training (VERA)

This course seeks to develop the competencies to assess forced labor and human trafficking risks in the recruitment and employment sections of a labor migrant worker’s journey, which typically involves three primary actors: (1) employer/work site​; (2) receiving country labor providers​; and (3) sending country recruiters or Private Recruitment Agencies/Agents (PRAs).

The training uses blended learning methods (both synchronous and asynchronous methods), and modules are scheduled to be taken over 3 weeks.

Students who successfully complete the course will be able to: ​​

  • Understand the compliance benchmarks for no forced labor and trafficking and ethical recruitment and employment down the labor supply chain.​
  • Explain the recruitment business models, and risk environment in origin and destination countries, and the controls used to manage risks of forced labor and trafficking. ​
  • Apply effective strategies in gathering, validating, and analyzing information to determine the systems and practices of employers to ensure that all workers are recruited and employed according to ethical recruitment standards​
  • Demonstrate effective interviewing skills and techniques​
  • Prepare reports and corrective action plans​
  • Successfully complete all aspects of an ethical recruitment audit​