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Social Responsibility Standards Interpretation (Labor and Ethics):
Your Questions Answered, LIVE!

Industry-specific versions available, e.g., electronics, palm oil, seafood

Course Objectives: ​
  • Understand the key principles behind the different social compliance standards in the electronics, garments, agricultural, fishing and palm oil industries
  • Have clarity on what the requirements are of these various standards
  • Learn the common interpretation pitfalls of the standards across different industries
  • Harvest auditing and implementation insights from the rich auditing experiences of the facilitators

Duration: 4 hours


Ethical Recruitment and Employment Standards Awareness Workshop

Course Objectives: ​
  • Appreciate the rationale for responsible recruitment
  • Understand the definition and manifestations of forced labor risks, and the attendant risks posed by the labor broker and labor contracting systems
  • Understand the standards and compliance benchmarks for ethical recruitment and employment;
  • Identify risks and challenges to implementing ethical recruitment standards in different migration corridors
  • Illustrate examples of effective controls to address risks and challenges
  • Understand requirements for moving towards the guidance on Responsibility for Recruitment Costs
  • Learn the necessary elements in communicating with key stakeholders
Duration: 1 day/6 hours

Implementing the Employers Pay Model:
A Practical Guide for Employers of Foreign Workers in Taiwan

Also available for Malaysia and Thailand

Course Objectives: ​
  • Determine the recruitment fees and costs under the Employers Pay Model
  • Understand the international and legal standards on recruitment fees and employment costs in destination and origin countries of foreign workers
  • List the requirements for developing recruitment fees policies and procedures
  • Determine the risks and costs considerations in choosing the right recruitment model for their facility
  • Explain the criteria for choosing a recruitment partner that meets the ethical recruitment standards
  • List the requirements for drafting a service agreement with Recruitment Agents
  • Determine key next steps in the effective implementation of the Employer Pay Policies and Procedures
  • Draft an implementation plan
Duration: 2 days/6 hours per day

Problem Analysis and Solution Generation Tools for Corrective Action Planning

Course Objectives: ​
  • Learn pointers on how to analyze the problem in identified non-conformances and/or violations
  • Recognize how different paradigms can influence problem interpretation and solution generation
  • Apply the tools of Why-Why, Cause and Effect, and Root Cause Analysis Guide
  • Determine the process and requirements for creative solutions generation
  • Apply creative brainstorming techniques, How-How and Reverse Fishbone diagram in generatinbg solutions
  • Listen to real-life examples drawn Auditor-Facilitators of this course
Duration: 2 days/6 hours per day

The Verité Approach to Gathering information from Workers

Course Objectives: ​
  • Understand the importance of interviewing workers in social auditing
  • Dissect the different challenges in interviewing workers
  • Learn the interview requirements in Social Auditing
  • Identify personal and practical needs of workers during an interview
  • Differentiate the different types of interview questions
  • Demonstrate the Steps and Step Checks of Interviewing Workers
  • Determine reliability and sufficiency of information gathered
Duration: 1 day/6 hours

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