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Since 15 June 2020, Verité Southeast Asia has been offering needs-driven webinars to help you and your organization strengthen capability in meeting social compliance requirements.

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Verité Ethical Recruitment Auditor Training (VERA)


VSEA’s Capacity Building and Consulting Team presents its newest webinar offering, the Verité Ethical Recruitment Auditor Training (VERA).

This course seeks to develop the competencies to assess forced labor and human trafficking risks in the recruitment and employment sections of a labor migrant worker’s journey, which typically involves three primary actors: (1) employer/work site​; (2) receiving country labor providers​; and (3) sending country recruiters or Private Recruitment Agencies/Agents (PRAs).

The training uses blended learning methods (both synchronous and asynchronous methods), and modules are scheduled to be taken over 3 weeks.

Students who successfully complete the course will be able to: ​​

  • Understand the compliance benchmarks for no forced labor and trafficking and ethical recruitment and employment down the labor supply chain.​
  • Explain the recruitment business models, and risk environment in origin and destination countries, and the controls used to manage risks of forced labor and trafficking. ​
  • Apply effective strategies in gathering, validating, and analyzing information to determine the systems and practices of employers to ensure that all workers are recruited and employed according to ethical recruitment standards​
  • Demonstrate effective interviewing skills and techniques​
  • Prepare reports and corrective action plans​
  • Successfully complete all aspects of an ethical recruitment audit​

Who is this training for?​

Scheduled Training Activities (remote)

Week 1 (October 6-8)

Asynchronous (self-paced)

Week 2 (October 13-15)

Live sessions, 4.5 hrs per day

1:00pm – 5:30pm MNL (GMT+8)

Week 3 (October 18-19)

Live sessions, 4.5 hrs per day

1:00pm – 5:30pm MNL (GMT+8)

The Verité Experience, Online


Immersive group work

Share experiences with those from the same industries or learn from those in other sectors. We make these conversations happen through immersive group activities, where no one is left behind.


Rich case studies & structured exercises

Our webinars bring together on-the-ground insights on Social Responsibility challenges, and our collective experience across industries on how they can be addressed. Participants situate themselves within these contexts and learn the tools to make a difference.

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Interactive through online tools

Engage your learning experience in ways that best suit you. Gauge the group through polls, brainstorm with WordClouds, ask a question through the chat box, and roll up your sleeves in group work through a live document. No one is cooking during our webinars.


Facilitated by experienced practitioners

Verité facilitators bring a collective experience in research, stakeholder engagement, social auditing, and capability building & consulting. We operate at the intersection of business and human rights—and are here to help you address your Social Responsibility challenges.

What are people saying?

I think the training method (used in the webinar) is really good…and almost similar to an onsite training.

Well-paced, great material, and knowledgeable facilitators.

The course was very practical…and well-organized. Highly recommended.

First time joining a virtual session, no complaints. Verité has once again beat expectations.

The mock (activity) was perfect, getting to hear and observe other styles helped a lot.

The discussion was great. The facilitators were very experienced and had insights on how to detect and identify forced labor practices.

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