Research and Innovation

We design and implement independent, original research, and develop learning materials and tools to support innovative solutions to systemic labor issues. 

Leveraging our grassroots access and strong networks, we provide a unique, bottom-up, objective view of labor conditions at the commodity, product, sector, and country level, mapping patterns of human trafficking and forced labor, child labor, and other egregious and systemic issues.

Our research and investigations uncover the root causes and drivers of worker vulnerability in various sectors and migration corridors. We shed light on pressing issues and provide evidence-based analysis of labor conditions in various geographies and in new types and areas of work like logistics, materials recycling, and the gig economy; and on the impacts of macro conditions such as climate change on labor and the movement of peoples.

Justice for Wage Theft

Verité Southeast Asia supports the Migrant Forum in Asia’s Justice for Wage Theft campaign and has collaborated with them in putting together a white paper and convening a brainstorming session with representatives from business and the private sector to analyze the issue and discuss the role of business in preventing and detecting cases of wage theft and providing remedy for migrant workers experiencing the issue.