Capacity Building and Consulting

One of our major working units is the Capacity Building & Consulting team, composed of dedicated professionals with a blend of expertise in the fields of social auditing, adult education and learning, research, management interventions, and occupational health & safety. The team is determined to perform and fulfill the following roles:

Solutions Provider

  • Determine best approach in addressing social compliance challenges
  • Offer tailor-fit organization development solutions and strategies
  • Impart research and experience-based advice in building social compliance programs

Facilitators of Learning

  • Device ways to solve and manage social compliance issues
  • Strengthen auditing skills
  • Build capability in problem solving and systems thinking
  • Provide know-how in risk identification and management

Thinking Partner

  • Help look for opportunities for improvement without reinventing the wheel
  • Challenge the process and/or change status quo, if needed
  • Engage organizations in determining how to become better…

Capacity Building

We offer learning programs designed to build skills and competencies in:

  • Addressing forced labor issues and creation of ethical recruitment processes
  • Leading social audits in various industries
  • Applying systems approach to managing social responsibility
  • Developing controls to identified risks in business processes, including supply chain
  • Implementing human-rights based people management strategies
  • Other needs-based capacity building to improve social responsibility performance


We partner with organizations who need help with various social compliance issues such as:

  • Designing fair worker repayment schemes;
  • CSR performance assessment;
  • Organization capability review;
  • Social Responsibility performance improvement programs; and
  • Designing other practical interventions using the lens of business and the principles of Human Rights.

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Justice for Wage Theft

Verité Southeast Asia supports the Migrant Forum in Asia’s Justice for Wage Theft campaign and has collaborated with them in putting together a white paper and convening a brainstorming session with representatives from business and the private sector to analyze the issue and discuss the role of business in preventing and detecting cases of wage theft and providing remedy for migrant workers experiencing the issue.