What We Do

Audits and Assessments

Verité’s social and labor audits are globally recognized as best-in-class, particularly for their ability to provide deep insight to workplace conditions.

We take a comprehensive and worker-centered approach to our examination of workplace and recruitment-related issues that triangulates information from workers, management, documents, and physical observation. In some cases, we include stakeholder interviews for context and insight to localized issues.

Capacity Building and Consulting

One of our major working units is the Capacity Building & Consulting team, composed of dedicated professionals with a blend of expertise in the fields of social audit, learning, research, management interventions and health & safety.

Policy Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement

We pursue comprehensive and inclusive advocacy strategies and campaigns with government, business, workers’ groups and other civil society stakeholders in the region to create meaningful changes in the lives of workers and their families.

Research and Innovation

We design and implement independent, original research, and develop learning materials and tools, to support innovative solutions to systemic labor issues.