Press Release from Verité Southeast Asia, December 31, 2023

MANILA, Philippines — Verité Southeast Asia today launched a new identity, including a new name and logo, as part of its rebranding initiative. The nonprofit organization will now be known as Dignity in Work for All to better reflect its focus and direction: by honoring its roots and deepening its work in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and the Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe through its teams and offices in these countries. As Dignity in Work for All, it will continue to offer a range of programs and initiatives to improve labor conditions and promote workers’ rights across industries and sectors that include seafood, electronics, garments, palm oil, rubber, cocoa, coconut, and the service industry, among others.

Building on two decades of VSEA’s evidence-based work in the nexus of business and human rights, and leveraging lessons learned from these experiences, Dignity in Work For All embodies the same commitment with a more defined sense of purpose: to work towards transformative social and economic justice and dignity in work for all through innovation, collaboration and the promotion of policies that drive key stakeholders — business, governments, unions and other civil society organizations — to action.

Dignity in Work for All continues a solutions-oriented approach and capitalizes on its strong, long-term relationships with business and civil society actors to achieve this mission. The organization is composed of experts and advocates with decades of experience in human rights, sustainable development and labor and migration, with core competencies in law, gender, education, social compliance, environmental sustainability, industrial engineering, production, factory management, supply chain management, and social reform and poverty alleviation. Collectively, our staff and network members speak at least twenty Southeast Asian, South Asian, East Asian and European languages, in addition to English. This diversity allows the organization not only to maintain a robust presence in its areas of operations, but also to build longstanding relationships with a wide network of consultants, translators, and field researchers across the globe.

Dignity in Work for All has expanded its network beyond Southeast Asia: in 2022, it established an office in Perth, Western Australia to cover Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands; it is broadening its operations to include Europe and parts of Africa through the acquisition of a non-profit that has been its long-time collaborator, based in Brussels. We will start a Japan-focused program with an in-country team in Tokyo in 2024. And we are solidifying our presence in Southeast Asia with a country office in Bangkok and strengthening our in-country teams in Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia. Even as we expand to new territories, we want to make sure that we are able to respond to key and emerging issues in labor rights and responsible business anywhere more quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, with maximum impact.

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