A world where people
work under safe, fair,
and legal conditions.

Globally recognized as best-in-class in providing deep insights to workplace conditions. Takes a comprehensive and worker-centered approach examination of workplace and recruitment-related issues that triangulates information from workers, management, documents, and physical observation.

Composed of dedicated professionals with a blend of expertise in the fields of social auditing, adult education, and learning, research, management interventions, and occupational health & safety. 

The research, tools, and initiatives in this section are freely available to educate and support improvements in labor conditions. Access and share these information within your business and organizations.


VSEA has been involved in labor rights monitoring, research, advocacy and capacity building in the Southeast Asia region, as well as in neighboring countries (e.g., Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia) for more than two decades. Today, our work covers countries in Asia and the Pacific, and any other countries where workers from Southeast Asia may be deployed. We are a network of more than 100 individuals, technical experts and advocates who contribute to the organization’s goal of improving the lives of workers in plantations, factories, farms, and fishing vessels in the region and beyond

The Verité Advantage


Multi-Industry, field drawn experience of over 20 years.

Long history and diverse backgrounds and skills in social auditing, capability building and consulting, and independent research to ensure rich understanding of issues.

Ears-on-the-ground and close collaboration with key stakeholders and clients-

Actively involved in creating meaningful and actionable learning solutions, cutting-edge tools and innovative programs to address serious labor issues.

Ensuring workers’ rights are respected and promoted in thriving business environments.

Courageous conversations in pursuit of continuous improvement.

Justice For Wage Theft!

Verité Southeast Asia supports the Migrant Forum in Asia’s Justice for Wage Theft campaign and has collaborated with them in putting together a white paper and convening a brainstorming session with representatives from business and the private sector to analyze the issue and discuss the role of business in preventing and detecting cases of wage theft and providing remedy for migrant workers experiencing the issue.