The Verité Advantage


Multi-Industry, field drawn experience of over 20 years

Long history and diverse backgrounds and skills in social auditing, capability building and consulting, and independent research to ensure rich understanding of issues

Ears-on-the-ground and close collaboration with key stakeholders and clients

Actively involved in creating meaningful and actionable learning solutions, cutting-edge tools and innovative programs to address serious labor issues

Ensuring workers’ rights are respected and promoted in thriving business environments

Courageous conversations in pursuit of continuous improvement

What We Do

Audits and Assessments

Verité’s social and labor audits are globally recognized as best-in-class, particularly for their ability to provide deep insight to workplace conditions.

We take a comprehensive and worker-centered approach to our examination of workplace and recruitment-related issues that triangulates information from workers, management, documents, and physical observation. In some cases, we include stakeholder interviews for context and insight to localized issues.

Capacity Building and Consulting

One of our major working units is the Capacity Building & Consulting team, composed of dedicated professionals with a blend of expertise in the fields of social auditing, adult education and learning, research, management interventions, and occupational health & safety.

Policy Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement

We pursue comprehensive and inclusive advocacy strategies and campaigns with government, business, workers’ groups and other civil society stakeholders in the region to create meaningful changes in the lives of workers and their families.

Research and Innovation

We design and implement independent, original research, and develop learning materials and tools, to support innovative solutions to systemic labor issues.

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Featured Research

Assessing Labor Risk for Workers Migrating From the Philippines to Europe

With over 368,000 Filipino citizens in Europe, the Philippines is a key source of labor in the region. The process of gaining employment in Europe can be fraught with risks; some Filipino workers may find themselves working under exploitative conditions, or under the weight of debt from fees paid during the recruitment and migration process.

With the support of Porticus, Verité conducted an assessment of labor risks for Filipino migrant workers involved in the fishing, seafaring, and domestic work sectors in Europe, as well as in two emerging host countries for Filipino workers: the Czech Republic and Poland. Findings from this research document the root causes of labor risk associated with the recruitment and hiring process and those that arise while being deployed in Europe. For each target sector and host country, the report provides steps that governments, the private sector, civil society, trade unions, and other stakeholders can take to reduce labor exploitation among Filipino migrant workers.

Featured Tools

VSEA developed a set of asynchronous modules for Conservation International to help in the implementation of the Social Responsibility Assessment Tool for the Seafood Sector or SRA.

The modules cover the following topics:

  • Module 1: Labor and Human Rights Standards
  • Module 2: Effective Data Gathering and Validation in Social Responsibility Assessments
  • Module 3: Conducting Key Informant Interviews
  • Module 4: Root Cause Analysis

This toolkit was developed to help equip palm oil producers who are looking to build a social compliance program with basic knowledge and tools.

The toolkit is available in Bahasa, English, and Spanish languages in both an interactive online format and as a downloadable file, and was developed with the generous support of Mars, Incorporated and Nestlé.

CSOs in Southeast Asia call for ILO Work in Fishing Convention (C188) ratification and implementation

On September 28, Verité Southeast Asia (VSEA) joined 28 other civil society organizations in formally submitting the CSO Briefing Paper on Ratifying and Implementing ILO Convention C188 to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)The Briefing Paper aims to encourage collaboration and seek accountability from the ASEAN Member States in the fight against modern slavery at sea.  

Justice for Wage Theft

Verité Southeast Asia supports the Migrant Forum in Asia’s Justice for Wage Theft campaign and has collaborated with them in putting together a white paper and convening a brainstorming session with representatives from business and the private sector to analyze the issue and discuss the role of business in preventing and detecting cases of wage theft and providing remedy for migrant workers experiencing the issue.