Our vision is a world where people work under safe, fair and legal conditions.

Verité Southeast Asia develops practical solutions at the intersection of worker interest and business imperatives in the global supply chain.

Audits and Assessments

We conduct comprehensive audits to provide insight into working conditions in global supply chains.

Capacity Building and Consulting

Verité Southeast Asia’s Hierarchy of Social Responsibility Performance Goals aims to move companies from managing social compliance to risk management and operational efficiency and leading edge/ value creation.

Policy Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement

We pursue comprehensive and inclusive advocacy strategies and campaigns with government, business, workers’ groups and other civil society stakeholders in the region to create meaningful changes in the lives of workers and their families.

Research and In-depth Investigation

Leveraging our grassroots access, we provide a unique, bottom-up, objective view of labor conditions at the commodity, product, sector, and country level, mapping patterns of human trafficking and forced labor, child labor, and other egregious issues.

Our Training Programs

  • Corrective Action Planning in Teams
  • Ethical Recruitment
  • People Management for Social Compliance
  • RBA Auditor Training Course
  • Social Compliance Standards Awareness Training
  • Social Compliance Strategic Planning
  • Verite Systems Approach to Managing Social Responsibility

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Creating Safety Nets: Filipino Migrant Fishers in Taiwan

Verité Southeast Asia looks into the plight of Filipino tuna fishers in Taiwan. In this video, “Creating Safety Nets: Filipino Migrant Fishers in Taiwan,” VSEA interviews two Pinoy fishers in the port of Suao about their experiences.